Monday, October 3, 2011

Valuable Secrets Revealed

I have found some amazing valuable secrets by surfing the internet.   If you would like to share comments or suggestions, notice below is the word "comments". If you click on that you will be able to share a helpful comment or prayer request. I need all the help I can get & if I can help you, please let me know. If anyone has a good vehicle with a good engine & you drive a lot (use a lot of fuel), you can get MUCH better mpg, & more power 3 ways: Use the best synthetic lublicants everywhere you can, 2. Install an appropriate hho generator, & 3. Install a gasoline vaporizer (for details see: .   With a gasoline vaporizer you don't need a fuel pump (with the proper design). I learned recently that gasoline engines are only about 20-30% efficient & diesel engines only about 40% efficient.  They are are more efficient BUT much more costly.  Gasoline engines using the proper amount of hho gas are more efficient than diesels because hho gas is 3 times more powerful than gasoline.   Amsoil lubricants & filters are THE BEST in my opinion. Has anyone PROVEN otherwise?  Other companies that DO make synthetic lubricants don't make a complete line (Amsoil does), & what other company makes oil that has been proven good for 25,000 miles while geting superior performance, protection, & maximum mpg?   Donations are needed to help the needy that we help. Another amazing device that will make vehicles MUCH MORE EFFICIENT & safer is a device that I designed many years ago that I call a MECHANICAL JET(it is a practical simple propulsion device that converts torque into thrust AND has the ability to store AMAZING amounts of kinetic energy that can be released as needed to accelerate or decelerate). It would REPLACE a transmission which is very inefficient & costly.  It WILL  work(I can prove it), it is VERY efficient, once mass produced it could be made for less than any kind of transmission, it would be much lighter than a transmission that it would replace!  I need help making a prototype-a partner!  Interested?  IF so, email me at:

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