Friday, October 28, 2011

EARN while you LEARN to Build Health Naturally

NOW YOU CAN EARN( even THRIVE) while you LEARN to BUILD (AND maintain) HEALTH! MANY people are SUFFERING & DYING NEEDLESSLY!!!   YOU CAN HELP put a STOP to this & THRIVE doing it!!!   NOW(for a very limited time) the only cost is the books & you don't have to get them all to start-I suggest you get AT LEAST the first ten to start-(as many as you can afford safely). Here's how: lst. Let my wife(Pam Ferrell) sponsor you in Nature's Sunshine here: 2nd. Get several of the books (& more related ones later) listed here:   If you google the title of these books & read what you will find on the computer you will get a very good education about health. Why not try it? If you are SERIOUS about learning to build health, why not buy all of these books that you can afford? If you become a health-care practioner, the cost of the books & ALL business expenses are tax deductable. (Why not make house calls & deliver products-& keep a record of all business related mileage & you can deduct $.50 per mile-as of 2010-as business expense on a Sch. C. Why not go ahead a get a Sch. C asap -& study how you can take other deductions that others can't-from: Why not join us in one or more of the MLM companies here: The above list of books is a good start for a library for one who wants to be a All Natural Health-Care Practitioner. Pam Ferrell has most of these & many other related books for reference. You don't HAVE to have a degree to know know to build & maintain health. IF you DO want to get a degree(studying at home), click here: You don't HAVE to KNOW all the info. in all these books-just scan them & know where to LOOK to FIND the info. when you NEED it. Then you have to know where to get the products told about in these books. You can get many (or most or all sometimes) from: Why not call them & tell them that you want become a distributor for them & to have Pam Ferrell as your sponsor. If you do(let her sponsor you) & work dilligently to become a mgr. as she did, you will soon be getting a 30% rebate monthly (you will get more as you sponsor others & help them build their business, etc.) as she does. If you want help in your new profession with her as your sponsor, if you email her at she will be glad to help you. Once you sponsor someone, it is your responsibility to help them in this in order to deserve your commission from them. The more she helps you (& your downline) make, the more she will make, so we will be able to give more to needy ministries. The same goes for all YOU sponsor in Nature's Sunshine. Their products come with a money-back guarantee & many people that thought there was no help for them, have gotten amazing results! If you don't have any health problems, be thankful & I suggest you start taking the supplements you need to STAY healthy & eat & drink right & get plenty of exercise. Also pray for wisdom & guidance. To help the people you sponsor that want to be a professional health builder, why not refer them to this site? If you have a health problem & have been going to a doctor for help, but aren't getting help(like is the case with MANY), why not ask your doctor if he(or she) KNOWS HOW TO HELP YOU?  If you don't get a satisfactory answer, why not look for one that does?  Why not call in advance & ASK if the doctor knows how to build health?  There ARE a few that does-to find one that does in YOUR area explore here:  If you scroll to the right & up a bit, you can find more valuable info. that I've posted. If YOU are not interested in becoming a health-care professional but know someone that might be, why not refer them here? Scroll to the right & click on: "View my complete profile", & scroll down to my blogs & click on any that interest you for more valuable suppressed secrets that I've revealed. If YOU are not interested in becoming a health-care professional, surely you are interested in your health. If you are not a distributor for NSP why not at least let Pam Ferrell sponsor you & you can get free consultation if you order at least $100.00 worth of products monthly for yourself & others. If you know someone that might be interested in this, why not tell them about this site? You will surely be interested in some of my other blogs below. I reveal some VERY valuable AMAZING SECRETS! Why not explore: If you have an questions or comments for me, you can email me @:

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